Whether it’s business or fun, we love doing life with our community.

There is a rare spirit that exists in Marion, Indiana: an indescribable spirit of camaraderie, passion, and deep pride in who we are and where we’re going. As a community, we have faced trials and difficulties that have caused some to doubt us, but we are not a city of quitters. That is evident in the tireless efforts being taken up by every organization in our community. Now more than ever, community members are excited about moving our city forward, and making positive movements in every direction.


At MHA, we are not trying to do it alone and we would never wish to do so. We see our local businesses and organizations as our most vital assets to sharpen us and keep us progressing forward. From the architects who craft our blueprints, to the coffee shops who craft the espresso that keeps us going, we are dependent on a myriad of local businesses and organizations every single day. We are incredibly grateful for these local partners, and we applaud them for all the ways they make Marion the unique and talented community that it is.

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