Building for Change

Our Purpose

“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow!” Whether it be in the classic song we all sing from time-to-time or just a reference to the next day of our lives, tomorrow is often a beholder of hope for us. Tomorrow promises the possibility of change. We anticipate each tomorrow because we have hope that tomorrow’s change means the possibility of a brighter future for our lives.

At Marion Housing Authority, we hold fervent hope in the Marion’s tomorrow. Today, however, we have made the decision that ‘tomorrow’ is no longer good enough for our residents—our residents deserve to have a good today. We have established an independent 501 c (3) nonprofit, Building for Change Inc. to expand our mission beyond what a public housing agency alone can do. Not only do we desire to provide our residents with housing, but we are passionate about creating a culture of hope in which the barriers our neighbors face are lessened and opportunities are multiplied. Our vision is for Marion to be a place in which every member in the community can taste and see a richer quality of life.

Our Beliefs

We believe Marion is an incredible place to call home. Our city has a rich history and we believe that our community has developed character and resiliency in persevering through the years. We believe that Marion is beautiful, and that our quirky imperfections compose the unique story of this community– a story that is worth sharing with the world. We believe in reviving our story, and picking up the pen where we left off–

                                             And we believe that now is the the time to do just that.

Our Work

34 East:


Since a devastating fire overtook Hotel Marion in 2014, blight has taken a ruthless course on the former hotel, and worse yet, the east entrance to downtown Marion. Seeing the potential for the property to be a catalyst of hope for the community, MHA, in partnership with Building for Change (BFC), took ownership of the abandoned hotel with a grand vision in mind. We have selected the name of the development,“34 East,” due to the property’s location between 3rd and 4th Street on the East side of town. 34 East will be the new construction of a mixed-use residential and community space. Through the development, BFC intends to address a broad spectrum of needs for the community and simultaneously create an aesthetic and welcoming entrance into our beloved city